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FanChants Uruguay FC Index Of Football Chants

Uruguay FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

206 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay Ruso Dedicated to Diego "Ruso" Perez, Uruguay international midfielder Playlist
692 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay Ay Ay Those Who Don't Jump - Paraguay Everyone jumps around Playlist
900 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay Tonight We Have to Win As always Playlist
1113 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay You'll Never Be Champions Nice tune Playlist
1686 Defensor Sporting Uruguay The Violet The colors of Defensor can be seen from everywhere Playlist
1911 Club Nacional de Football Uruguay Bolso, I Want to Ask you In this chant, Nacional supporters remember a time when they kicked out Peñarol fans out of a stadium during a Uruguay match in 1999 Playlist
2292 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay Orientals, Our Nation or the Grave (Uruguay National Anthem) Sung with pride Playlist
2989 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay 14 Copa Americas And no less! Playlist
4760 Peñarol Uruguay Vamos Aurinegro Desculpe, não temos letras para esta música Playlist
7140 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay If You Don't Jump You're from Paraguay An anti Paraguay chant Playlist
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7836 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay Ole Suarez The stadium sings for Luis Playlist
8531 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay Uruguay! Get it together... Playlist
8816 Peñarol Uruguay Turn on the New Stadium Beautiful song, perfect for a ringtone Playlist
8846 Club Nacional de Football Uruguay Hello, Boslo, We Came to See You Beautiful song to the tune of "Beso a Beso" by Mona Gimenez Playlist
9227 Uruguay Football Team Uruguay I Am Celeste Celeste is a nickname for the Uruguay international squad - it means sky blue, the colour of the national jersey Playlist
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